Safety Tips!


Gas Meter Safety

Make sure that the area around your gas meter is kept free of debris, snow, ice and obstructions at all time.  Please notify us if you have ice build-up on your gas meter.  DO NOT attempt to knock the ice off with a shovel or other equipment by yourself. 


Pipeline Safety

Pipelines are the most common method to transport natural gas.  To assure safe, efficient delivery of natural gas to your home, business or factory, natural gas companies must continuously monitor their pipeline systems.  Dooley's Natural Gas is a proud member of the Minnesota Pipeline CAER Association with promotes pipeline safety.


Appliance & Equipment Safety

The most common natural gas appliances include a furnace, water heater, gas fireplace & range.  We recommend that appliances are installed by a licensed professional.  Always keep vents, chimneys and air openings on appliances unobstructed.