Why Natural Gas?

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel and a highly efficient form of energy. Natural gas has many advantages over other fuels. It has fewer impurities, is less chemically complex, and its combustion results in less pollution. You may already be familiar with the many benefits of natural gas. 

Comfortable - Natural gas furnaces deliver warm air without the cool draftiness associated with an electric heat pump. 

Dependable - Regardless of whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, natural gas is always there for you. 

Convenient - Busy lifestyles demand appliances that not only are highly efficient but also can save you time. With natural gas, you can have an endless supply of hot water, precise temperature control for cooking, and faster drying time for your laundry. 

Economical - If you are looking to save on your energy bills, look no further. Natural gas provides the best energy value. 

Natural gas is one of the safest and most reliable fuels available. Rarely does a mechanical failure or storm interrupt its dependable delivery. Dooley's Natural Gas continually monitors our pipeline system to ensure safe and efficient delivery of natural gas to your home or business.