Our Team

We believe in hiring the BEST people at Dooley's Natural Gas. Our team members are available 24/7 to assist with customer service inquiries. Contact a member of our team  at (320) 235-2466 or e-mail us at naturalgas@dooleypetro.com

Below you will find our contact information for our various team members by department:


Operations Manager

Tim Hulscher

Office: (320) 235-2466

Direct: (320) 403-4274

E-mail: thulscher@dooleypetro.com


Office Manager

Heidi Hagen

Office: (320) 235-2466

Direct: (320) 403-4282

E-mail: hhagen@dooleypetro.com


Maintenance Department

Aaron Peterson

Office: (320) 235-2466

Direct: (320) 424-2030

E-mail: apeterson@dooleypetro.com


Nick Kniefel

Office: (320) 235-2466

Direct: (320) 979-0762

E-mail: nkniefel@dooleypetro.com