Water Heaters

Did you know that the average household spends around $300 a year on water heating costs!  Taking these energy saving steps to help keep some money in your pockets.


Thermostat: Set your water heater thermostat to 120 degrees. You can also turn down your water heater even more when going on a vacation to avoid energy waste.  This one simple step could save you about $50 a year. 


Use Less: You can use less hot water by making sure you are only running the dishwaster when full, do laundry in cold water as often as possible and install low-flow showerheads.  Another big way to use less hot water is to make sure you repair any leaking faucets. 


Insulate: Make sure to wrap older natural gas water heaters using insulating jackets to save energy through heat loss.  This energy saving tip you may want to leave to a professional. 


ENERGY STAR models: Replacing an older water heater can be expensive up front but the saving over time will be worth it.